Day of Procedure

Prior to arrival

  • Shower the morning of your procedure. Be sure your hair is dry, do not use any styling products. Do not wear makeup, perfume, or nail polish.
  • Arrive promptly at the scheduled time. This will allow adequate time for all necessary admission procedures.
  • Please bring your insurance with photo ID or driver's license. If special financial arrangements are necessary, please call the facility prior to admission.
  • Be sure to bring any paperwork your doctor gave you, such as test results or your medical history, and a list of medications you are taking.
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that has been freshly laundered. If having shoulder surgery please wear a large enough t-shirt so that it can be placed over your arm and the sling.
  • Upon arrival, you will change into a gown and slippers which we provide.  Only cotton underpants and socks can be worn under gown when applicable.  You will be asked to remove all jewelry, contact lenses, dentures, and any prosthesis.

For your safety, please arrange for an adult to stay at the facility the entire time you are here and to drive you home after surgery. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home.  You will not be registered if your driver is not here at your time of arrival.

We are committed to your safety, therefore; several of our professional staff will ask you to state your name, date of birth and procedure/site/side.

Pre Procedure

  • You will be taken to our pre-operative are where you may be asked to change into a gown.
  • You may be asked to remove all jewelry (including all piercings), contact lenses, dentures, and any prosthesis.
  • Based on your procedure, your nurse may start an IV, give you medications, shave and/or mark the procedure site if required.
  • Once this has been done your family may be able to rejoin you until the time of the procedure.  Once you are taken from the pre-operative area, your family will be asked to return to the waiting area.  They must remain in our facility until you are discharged.

Please click the links below to get specific pre-op, surgery and post-op instructions: